Why São Vitor

At São Vitor we are constantly dedicating more time to producing the highest quality products and ensuring the safety of our wicks .

Our Wicks

Why are they better? They’re braided not knitted. For better burning, no drowning, and the
best performing products.

All of our wicks can be waxed and made to different lengths and thickness’ as per your request.
They can be assembled with a metal tab of different dimensions.
They also can be waxed for spool to use in automatic machinery.

We use advanced technology in producing all our different lines of wicks, covering a variety of braiding techniques and treatments for all kinds of use, making them easier to handle and to insert in the candles, avoiding waste.

All our wicks are braided, a characteristic that provides better quality in all aspects of the manufacturing of wicks, such as:

We stand out in the wick manufacturing industry for our dedication to environmentally friendly practices, and focus on proceeding a healthy and safe environment for our clients. We do so by using sustainable paper and ecologically and locally sourced Brazilian cotton.

Brazilian Cotton is known for being top if its class globally, due to its natural growth and lack of chemicals.

They are certified and standardized by CPSC Norm (Consumer Products Safety Commission), which regulates the level of lead in them.


With our dedicated R&D team we are always prepared to provide customized assistance dependent on the needs of the customer. This gives our clients the ability to modify all wicks produced and request the development of specialized solutions that meet their unique production needs.

Our dedicated team of experts will be able to assist in developing the best solution for your needs based on the paraffin and raw materials you will be using for your candles. This along with our knowledge in the field of braiding allows for the manufacturing of specialized wicks.

We are so confident that we can find a wick solution for your candles that we offer free samples so that our clients can test and understand the quality we have developed over so many years.

Wick Sustainers

Three models: Standard, Medium and Safety lengths.
High quality sustainers allow for proper support of wicks.