High Performance Zinc Wick



The Zinc Wick (HPZ) is made with long strands of regular cotton and zinc. This wick has a medium-high flame, with average heating power between the paper and the copper. The main characteristic of this wick is its rigidity, which makes it easy to handle in production.

São Vitor’s products are certified and standardized by CPSC norma ( Consumer Products Safety Commission),whick regulates the level of lead emitte from burning candlewicks.The maximum index of lead concentration in the product accepted by CPSC is 0.06%. Rigorous laboratory tests demonstrate that the São Victor wicks have the lowest level of lead emission in the market: the copper core wick has a index of 0,0005%,being 120 times less than what it is permitted by CPSC. The zinc core wick has an index of 0.0016%,being 37 times less than the permitted by CPSC and it is classified as “Special High grade”
Both the zinc and the copper wicks used in the São Vitor wicks are certified according to norm ” 16 CFR 1500 .7(a)(13)” of CPSC.


– It is a rigid wick, easy to handle in production.

– Metal is certified and standardized by CPSC.

– There are a standard burn and uniform flame.