High Performance Natural Flat Wick



The (HPNF) Natural Flat Wick is a new and innovative product for the candle industry, that is unlike any other wicks currently manufactured. It is cellulose based and made with natural fibers. It is a modern advancement in wicking technology designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s complex candle formulations. It is classified as a Flat wick due to the proprietary materials used in its construction, it possesses all of the best characteristics of other wicks in one complete package. It is good for most paraffin and vegetable candles; the HPN wicks burn clean as they are cored flat braided wicks; it maintains the capillary action like standard cotton cored wicks and it generates faster and larger wax pools like zinc cored wicks. The HPNF natural wicks can be considered the first real MULTI PURPOSE combustion solution for the candle industry in the 21st century!


– It is made 100% of cellulose fiber.

– It is a self-trimming wick, helps to minimize the soot, reduced carbon deposit and afterglow.

– Create larger burn pool without metal.

– It is recommended for all kind of paraffin wax, palm, soy, heavily scented wax blends.

– It differentiates from the standard lines.

– Developed for candles with normal and high level of fragrance.


The HPNF chart was based on our standard tests results. The results represent cycle of four hours, made with 145 fully paraffin wax refined.