Mr. Giovani Polak founded São Vitor in 1982. Having invented and manufactured his own machine capable of braiding, waxing, and cutting of the wick, he was able to open a shop called Passamanaria São Vitor. The growth process took its time as he started making cotton wick assemblies by hand, one at a time.

Giovani had envisioned his factory to be one of the leaders in the market for the candle industry of Brazil and was able to accomplish this in 1996. Since then his two sons, Decio and Denis, have joined him in the similar goals of growth while holding a commitment to the quality of their product and service to the customer. Actively demonstrating so in their interactions with customers and maintaining certifications such as the ISO 9001.

São Vitor has developed sales worldwide, catering to a variety of clients. Their dedicated research and development team is always working on new wick lines and is able to develop products to customer specifications as differing materials are used for their candles. The diligent R&D team paired with dedicated Account Managers has led them to become a leading supplier for the Candle Industry.

As a Family owned business, their goal is to develop relationships and maintain a sense of unity and respect with their customers and suppliers for many years.


To offer creative solutions for all types of candles, in order to have the best burning wicks. We do so by:

– Supply solutions that take care of the manufacturing needs and boost the success of our customers

– Constantly improving quality, increasing productivity and lowering costs;

– Re-investing in the company to benefit our the growth of our customers, employees, and communities


At São Vitor we are all committed to the growth of the industry on a global level. We therefore strive to offer the best quality products and have made it a core element of our to commit ourselves to develop products meeting the needs of our clients. Due to that, we only find satisfaction when we see our customers grow through our partnership.

We are also committed to the continued development of our technological knowledge, in order to decrease our production costs, and increase our ability to develop the best products for our customers.

We are committed to producing the best wick for your candles with the goal of receiving recognition at a worldwide level.